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TV Zone Special

As Babylon 5 is decommissioned, we celebrate this extraordinary franchise with a look at the whole series plus Crusade, including:

Babylon 5

• The Complete Babylon 5 timeline! Finally, stretching far across Time and Space, our gigantic Timeline marks all the significant events in, on and around everything affecting the last of the Babylon stations.
TNT's Babylon 5 site, reviewing this issue, said "It's FANTASTIC. The magazine is worth the purchase price just for the timeline!"

A Day on set for the morbid Season 5 story Day of the Dead!

• Conceptual artist Steve Burg talks about his designs for the series' pilot, and how the Vorlon Kosh would appear

• Five Years Later… the cast and crew take a look back at the five years of the series and how it has changed the face of Science Fiction on television

• Mike Vejar, the director who took Sinclair through Time, introduced a deadly virus to Earth, and now, moving on to Crusade, directs the ship seeking the cure

• News Flash! Maggie Egan, a special news report on ISN's resident news reader who was there when worlds and presidents fell

• And the concluding part to Babylon 5's Season Five Episode Guide


An introduction to the series, with all the main players and JMS giving a view of the shape of things to come, and walking in the shadow of Babylon

• Exclusive interviews with Technomage Galen's alter-ego Peter Woodward, and we join Carrie Dobro, who plays Guild thief Dureena Nafeel, for a day in the Crusade studio!

PLUS all these features:

  • Stargate SG-1: The travels of the SG-1 team in their first season
  • Poltergeist FX: Special Effects Supervisors Sandra Aumont and Jim Finn look at their favourite effects
  • Profiler: Co-executive producer Kim Moses recalls the start of the series and its evolution
  • The Visitor: Grand L Bush played Wilcox, the FBI agent leading the team chasing MacArthur
  • Three: Julie Bowen, one third of a team hired by a nameless organization