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Feature: Charmed

Sixth Sense


Head writer and executive producer Brad Kern explains all about the Season Six trilogy, while Eric Dane, who plays millionaire Jason Dean, talks about his exciting new role.

Demons, fairies, nymphs, leprechauns – they’re all part of the job for Brad Kern. The Charmed executive producer and head writer has just emerged from a two-hour production meeting during which details of yet another new sixth season episode were ironed out. In Kern’s last chat with TV Zone (Special #53) he gave readers a glimpse of what they could look forward to this year up to and including Story Eight, The Sword and The City. As far as what’s still to come, he has this to say.

“Per the network’s request we’ve divided this season into three parts. By the time you read this we will have aired the two-hour season finale right through to and including Episode 10. We’re off for, I think, four or five weeks during Christmas, and then return in January and air stories 11 through 16. This is followed by another break of four or five weeks and then we’re back with episodes 17-22. The design of the season is to create mini-cliffhangers at the end of each ‘semester’ if you will. So episodes 10 and 16 will be mini-cliffhangers as will the season finale.

Little Monsteris [Episode 9] is our version of the Beauty and the Beast story. It’s also one of my favourites in which little Wyatt becomes friends with a demon baby. However, is this the child that grows up to kill Wyatt in the future? If that’s the case then what do our sisters do with him? They can’t vanquish a baby. He’s cute, although he has a slithery reptile-like tongue, and Wyatt likes him. So we have some fun with the whole issue of nature versus nurture and not only can we turn this other child good but also make certain that Wyatt remains good.

“All this leads up to episode 10 [Chris- Crossed],” continues Kern. “In it, Chris’s [Drew Fuller] girlfriend, or who he thinks is his girlfriend, travels back in Time in order to return him to the future. Bianca [Marisol Nichols] is, in fact, a magical assassin, and whoever sent her doesn’t want Chris to change history and stop the forces of Evil from getting Wyatt. This episode is a lot like Season Three’s Pre-Witched, where we cut back and forth between The Charmed Ones as they were then and six months before they found out that they were witches. This time around, we switch between Chris, Bianca and The Charmed Ones in the present with Chris and Bianca and a very dark and chaotic San Francisco of the future. There’s a major revelation at the end of act three that sets the course for the second third of this season.”

by Steven Eramo

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TV Zone #171
January 2004
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