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Feature: Stargate SG-1

Alive and Kicking…

Richard Dean Anderson

We thought they were down and out, but Stargate SG-1 will be back for a seventh season. Richard Dean Anderson talks about the next level of adventures for SG-1…

The past six years, Richard Dean Anderson has been keeping the Earth safe from alien invasion as USAF Colonel Jack O’Neill on Stargate SG-1. Today (28th September 2002), filming is being completed on the sixth season’s penultimate episode Prophecy. It is early afternoon and Anderson is getting dressed in preparation to shoot his last scene. It’s a very special one for him as it could be his last ever as O’Neill. At the time of this interview, it was not known if Stargate SG-1 would be renewed for a seventh year. Even if it were, Anderson is unsure of what his role in it would be.

“I have some pressing issues on a personal level as well as career-wise that I have to deal with that will affect my future on Stargate,” explains the actor. “In fact, last night I jotted down some points in an effort to clear my head as far as what my objectives would be with regard to a career move. Because I tend to write honestly to myself, I concluded that the ideal situation for me would be to stay on this show for a seventh season, albeit in an abbreviated form. I’d rather do that than the alternative, which would be to say goodbye and look for something else down the road. Honestly, I’m not interested in doing that, and with good reason. In this cast and crew of Stargate I’ve got a spectacular sense of community and virtually a family. There really is a warm feeling on our set. So it would be great to somehow work out an arrangement in which we do a seventh season.

“It’s funny, my feelings today, in particular, are a little ‘twisted’. No one really knows whether or not we should be saying good-bye for the last time and going through that emotion – maybe with some sense of closure – or to just give each other a big hug and say, ‘See you next season’. In an odd way it might be better that there is a certain level of ambiguity involved here. As much as we all like, and to some degree love, each other and have enjoyed what’s been a neat experience, there’s still a pragmatic side to the whole thing. After all, life goes on, and rather than being saddened by the possibility of this coming to an end, we’re kind of fine with just saying, ‘Hey, see you later,’ as opposed to goodbye forever. I mean, I don’t think any of us really believe that it will be forever even if we do say good-bye. So that’s where we stand at the moment.”

by Steve Eramo

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TV Zone #158
January 2003
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