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Feature: Smallville

Going into the Dark…

Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum)

He’s the sexiest man in Smallville, apparently. Michael Rosenbaum has taken on the role of the young Lex Luthor, done a movie with Steve Martin and made baldness sexy again. Our reporter met the man recently, and tried to stop from drooling…

When Michael Rosenbaum plays Smallville sophisticate Lex Luthor, he’s usually serious, smooth and oozing sex appeal. Guess what? When he’s not playing Lex Luthor he’s pretty much the same. He’s smooth – a Gillette Mach 3 razor across the top of his head has a lot to do with that – and continues to ooze sex appeal. “Get over here and gimme one,” he flirts when a hot toddy is suggested to help relieve the symptoms of a cold. However, rather than foster a serious disposition off set, Mr Rosenbaum does quite the opposite and displays a brilliant sense of humour, a highly developed sense of the ridiculous and exudes the type of exuberance usually found in small children and puppies.

This is all great and good unless some poor interviewer is trying to stop laughing long enough to catch what he’s saying. When asked to explain a comment he made in a previous interview about being part black and part Jewish he shrieks, “They printed that? It was a joke. You know a lot of my black friends, first they go, ‘You’re a fool, but you can move. I think you’ve got a little soul in you.’ I always think that too but that [comment] was me being silly.” Breaking into a smile he winks, “That was me just being a foul-mouthed hooligan.”

Only Michael Rosenbaum could get away with describing himself in those terms. Articulate, open and disarmingly friendly, it’s impossible to imagine anyone else thinking derogatory thoughts about the lovely Mr R. Asked to offer three different words that he would use to describe himself he pauses for a moment and sighs, “Oh that’s a good one… three words to describe myself… Hm!” There’s another second’s grace before he says, “See, I don’t want to insult myself…” The words are barely out of his mouth before we’re both snickering at his comment and I suggest that eegit [Celtic term of endearment] might be the bon mot in this instance. “Midget?” he gasps. “Did you just call me a midget?” As he’s around six foot tall, it’d be quite hard to think of Rosenbaum in that way, but his mock outrage is worth the tease. Finally he concedes, “Actually I think my friends would say that I’m very giving. At least I hope they’d say that. Um… and what’s a good word to convey that I’m always up for having fun? I always want to have fun. I enjoy making people laugh. I want everyone to laugh when they’re around me.”

Although ‘effervescent’ isn’t quite the right word to do justice to his extremely vibrant personality, Rosenbaum is gracious enough to accept the suggestion, “Yeah! I’m like that. I got a lot of energy. I like to have good times. So I’m ‘effervescent’, I think I’m extremely ‘giving’ at times and what else can I say? Oh, and I’m… ‘insatiable’!”

by Thomasina Gibson

Find out what Thomasina's reactions were, and what might be in store for Lex Luthor in
TV Zone #157

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TV Zone #157
December 2002
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