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Issue #154 • ships from Aug 22 2002
News-stand Price UK £3.40 / US $5.99


• This spy series unlike any other has taken America by storm with its stars and heart-pounding plots. Coming soon to terrestrial TV in the UK, we take an in-depth look at the Spy-Fi thriller.
A complete and comprehensive episode guide to the first season.

Buffy on displayBuffy The Vampire Slayer
• Executive producer and self confessed fan Marti Noxon on the emotional Season Six as well as some hints of whatís to come in the Seventh and possibly last season.

Beware! Vampires!Vampires
• From Dracula to Drusilla, the concept of the Vampire has changed significantly, particularly on TV. We take a good long look at TVís favourite monster.

UFOFlashback: UFO
• This issue: a look at the origins of the Andersons' first live-action series, of a secret organization battling alien invaders - also with a look at the series' arrival and impressions in Canada.

• In three years Angel has gone from a weekly detective series to a kick-ass serial of monster proportions. So after a brilliant third season, how will Season Four compare?

Doctor Who
• Twenty-five years ago a small metal dog trundled across the TARDIS and upstaged the Doctor. TV Zone met up with John Leeson, the man who voiced the mutt.

• A full and comprehensive episode guide to the first year of the hit Star Trek prequel.

• Our new series travelling down the Memory Lane of television with the benefit of hindsight. We may stop off to make an informed close inspection or take in the general view. This month continues the recent history of television, looking at the effect of home video recording and satellite tv.

Deep Thought
• Continuing our search for Cult TVís ultimate questions. This month: we ask if Cult TV is scaring us enough about Genetic Engineering.

Odyssey 5 is the Science Fiction Time travel show from Showtime. We take a quick look to see what the fuss is about.

  • The Future of Buffy and Angel
  • 2001/02 Emmy Awards
  • New Thunderbirds Movie
  • I, Claudius on DVD
  • In the Shops
    Your Guide to product releases over the next few months.
  • And much moreÖ
Merchandise Reviews
  • Doctor Who
    Time Zero novel
    Spare Parts Audio adventure
    The Invisible Enemy VHS
    Sarah Jane Smith Audio Adventures
  • The Avengers
    1966 Files 1&2 DVD
  • Star Trek
    Stargazer: Books 1&2
    Janus Gate Trilogy
  • Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) (Sixties)
    Volume 6 DVD
  • The Persuaders!
    Volume 6 DVD
  • Thunderbirds
    Classic Comic Strips book
  • Farscape
    Uncharted Territory book
  • 24
    The Complete Series DVD
  • Sapphire & Steel
    Assignments 1-3 DVD
TV Focus
  • All your Cult TV needs in an easy to use guide to all UK channels (to 25th September 2002)
  • Win Sapphire and Steel, Stargate SG-1 Volume 24 and Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Three on DVD.
  • Your views, your say.
    This month: Michael Shanks and the Great Stargate Special debate.

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: UPN, Carlton

All other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2002. Not for reproduction

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