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Issue #153 • ships from Jul 18 2002
News-stand Price UK £3.40 / US $5.99


• Previewing Season Four of the hit Sci-Fi series. Plus a chat with star Claudia Black, better known as Aeryn Sun, and predictions of what’s to come.

Stargate SG-1, stil going. . .Stargate SG-1
• We examine the rise and rise of one of the most popular Sci-Fi series around, Stargate SG-1. From a feature film to a brilliant series running for six years. Why is Stargate SG-1 so good?

The story continues. . .Buffy The Vampire Slayer
• With Buffy now starting its seventh, and possibly final, year, we examine how Buffy, Willow, Xander, Spike and co would cope with a ‘Year One’ feel after such a dark spell.

Listen! In the lands of the North. . .Flashback: Noggin the Nog
• Created by Children’s TV gurus Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin. this animated series of tales from the North still sends shivers of delight down the spines of viewers. TV Zone looks back.

Doctor Who
• Once you’ve been one of Doctor Who’s companions you never leave the show behind. Just ask Katy Manning, the ditzy Joe Grant, companion for Jon Pertwee’s Doctor.

• Featuring songs by ex-Monty Python stars Michael Palin and Terry Jones, Diversions is a ’60s ‘paisly pop’ rarity. TV Zone spoke to Terry Jones and singer Barry Booth about the odd album.

• Following on from episode guides in the last two issues, a complete and comprehensive episode guide to the third and final season of the teen/alien romance drama set in the small desert town.

Primetime: The Osbournes
• America’s new favourite family, The Osbournes. Spaced-out rocker, Ozzie Osbourne lets TV cameras film him and his ‘unique’ family lifestyle in the American TV sensation.

Deep Thought
• Continuing our search into TV’s ultimate questions. This issue: Name and Occupation? Just what do our Cult TV heroes get up to when not out saving the world?

  • Buffy Season Seven and Angel
  • New Doctor Who DVD treats
  • Enterprise Season Two
  • More Babylon 5 DVD releases
  • Buffy and Farscape win top Sci-Fi awards
  • Whedon’s Firefly gets second pilot script
  • Plus much, much more. . .
TV Reviews: New Seasons!
  • Earth Final Conflict Season Five
  • Farscape Season Four
  • Jeremiah Season One
  • Stargate SG-1 Season Six
» Retro: The History of TV
  • This issue: no colour, no video recorders, how did anyone cope? Also, a look back at TV Zone 10 years ago
Merchandise Reviews
  • The Avengers 1965: Files 3 and 4 DVD
  • Doctor Who
    Camera Obscura (novel)
    Carnival of Monsters (DVD)
    The Creature from the Pit (VHS)
    Excelis Decays (audio adventure CD)
    Neverland (CD)
    The Suns of Caresh (novel)
  • Dr Who and the Daleks,
    Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150AD (DVDs)
  • Laughing Stock (CD)
  • The Professionals Box Set 1 (DVD)
  • Star Trek: The Battle of Betazed (novel)
  • UFO Box Set II (DVD)
  • Van der Valk Series 1 – Episodes 1-3 (DVD)
TV Focus
  • All your Cult TV needs in an easy to use guide to all UK channels (to 23rd August)
Memory Alpha
  • Questions this month on Anthony Stewart Head, Orion, Babylon 5 video releases, The Man Who Could Walk Through Doors and Target
  • Win DVDs of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Two, The Simpsons and Terrahawks
  • Your views, your say

Images taken from this issue are copyright or courtesy of: MGM, UPN, Oliver Postgate/Peter Firmin

All other contents © Visual Imagination Ltd 2002. Not for reproduction

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