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Feature: Roswell - Last chance to see!

Final Graduation

Michael, Maria and Liz: add cover-boy Max to get the core couples of Roswell

Time has finally run out for Roswell, the series initially described by some critics as a cross between The X-Files and Dawson's Creek. In this issue's cover feature, Richard Atkinson takes a sober look back at the lives, loves and changing fortunes of the alien visitors…

• Meanwhile… alongside the feature - in a lighter vein - we run down Ten things those aliens can do faster, better or more interestingly than you!

1 Bring people back from the dead
Sorting out a gunshot wound is quite likely to present us with something of a headache. Max, however, has saved a great many friends. He did, admittedly, leave silver handprints all over the place, but no one's perfect.

2 Curing cancer
One could argue that the tragic dimension of cancer, not to mention the endless resources that are required to fight this disease are somewhat belittled by Max's ability to cure terminal cancer with a quick wave of his hand. It is, however, quite an understandable Christmas wish…

3 Heal bruises
Walked into a door again? Get Max to sort out that black eye. Useful for covering up evidence of physical abuse by your violent stepfather, or repairing any broken noses prior to your wedding day.

4 Cut hair
Don't worry - It's not all death and physical violence. Maria finds Isabel's powers quite handy when she can't be doing with the hairdressers.

5 Play CDs with their fingers
Useful, I dare say, if your walkman's batteries go flat, but not so helpful if you need to keep your hands free for something else.

6 Give you ‘flashes’
A guided tour of the seven galaxies with every snog. Sadly it's never revealed if Liz gets a `flash' of the route down to the local shops when Max pecks her on the cheek.

7 Deflect bullets
Max Evans probably used to play at being Wonder Woman when he was little and just never got out of the habit.

8 Extinguish fire
Even if you're not stupid enough try to put out a chip pan fire with water and have a ready supply of damp tea towels, Max's fire fighting prowess would still come in handy.

9 Swap bodies
Not something any of us have ever tried I would think, but Max can do it… although afterwards he was left in two minds as to whether it had been a good idea.

10 Stroll around in your dreams
Isabel's supremely nosey streak manifests itself in her ability to sit in on other people's dreams. The full potential of this gift was left untapped until discovered by the warped mind of Kyle Valenti. Yes, look shocked.

by Richard Atkinson

Read about more alien powers, plus the full cover feature, and our Season One episode guide… all part of our ten-page dual-cover tribute to the passing of Sci-Fi TV's best-kept secret, in:
TV Zone #151

Image © UPN / 20th Century Fox
Feature © Visual Imagination 2002. Not for reproduction

Taken from
TV Zone #151, see below for ordering options
TV Zone #151
June 2002
ships from May 9 2002
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