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Issue #151 • ships from May 9 2002
News-stand Price UK £3.40 / US $5.99

Roswell's Liz on this issue's back coverRoswell (dual Max/Liz cover)
• Time has finally run out for the teen-alien Angst drama. Along with our front-and-back cover images of Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby, we look at what will be a sorely missed show and assess the characters' changes over three years. Plus a full episode guide to Season One

No more cases for Mulder or ScullyThe X-Files
• It’s been nine years, perhaps too long, but now The X-Files is finishing. TV Zone takes a look at the long running series and wonders if all the loose ends will be tied

Basil and Sybil, the sour comedy coupleFlashback: Fawlty Towers
• As of the BFI poll of 2000 it was official: Fawlty Towers was the all-time top British tv programme. In the first of a two part Flashback we revisit the making of the landmark sitcom

Eric Johnson (with the lovely Lana, Kristin Kreuk) in SmallvilleSmallville
• His alter ego might be looking for a ticket out of town but actor Eric Johnson is perfectly content being in Smallville as Lana Lang’s sporting boyfriend Whitney Fordman

The original Halliwells in the Behring-directed Magic HourCharmed
• From water demons to screaming banshees, director John Behring has dealt with it all on Charmed. We caught up with him to discuss the wonderful world of the Wicca girls

Star Trek
• Actor Phil Morris has appeared in many Science-Fiction shows including classic Star Trek, Voyager and Deep Space Nine. We find out his Sci-Fi secret

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
• A full and comprehensive guide to Season Four of the hit Vampire show, plus your chance to win the whole season on DVD

Deep Thought
• Exploring the more complex ideas behind Cult TV. This month we mind our language and ask how come everyone in the galaxy speaks English so well

Primetime: Greg the Bunny
• It’s the weird comedy, starring Seth Green of Buffy fame, about the off-screen life of a puppet bunny called Greg. Hence the title

  • Long running Doctor Who producer dies
  • Finale Fever as shows wind down for summer
  • Brannon Braga on Enterprise’s continuity (or lack thereof)
  • BBC’s Strange gets a series commission
  • Red Dwarf's landing on DVD announced
  • Latest Doctor Who DVD and other news
  • Another X-Files movie?
  • Roswell gets a final demolition notice
  • Battlestar Galactica re-make update
  • Joss Whedon nominated for Hugo award
  • Plus much more…
TV Reviews
  • Andromeda Season Two
  • Angel Season Three
  • Charmed Season Four
  • Dark Angel Season Two
  • Enterprise Season One
  • Jeremiah Season One
  • LEXX Season Four
  • Mutant X Season One
  • Smallville Season One
  • The X-Files Season Nine
Merchandise Reviews
  • The Avengers 1965: Files One and Two DVD Box Set
  • Doctor Who Novels: The Crooked World / Ten Little Aliens
  • Doctor Who CDs: Embrace the Darkness / Excelis Rising / The Smugglers
  • Kolchak: The Night Stalker Graphic novel
  • Sherlock Holmes: On Screen by Alan Barnes
  • Star Trek Novel: A Hard Rain
TV Focus
  • All your Cult TV needs in an easy to use guide to all UK channels (to 12 June)
  • Win Buffy Season Four DVDs, Cleopatra 2525 Season One DVDs and Xena Season Two and Six DVDs
  • Your views, your say…

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