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Issue 150 • ships April 9 • UK £3.99 / US $7.99
TV Zone celebrates its 150th fantastic issue with a jam-packed 100 page bumper edition...

Angel: "It won't be long before bad things happen"
• David Boreanaz and Producer David Greenwalt chat about babies, demons and what the future holds in the third season and beyond...
• Plus: Ex-Watcher turned fellow demon hunter, Wesley, otherwise known as Alexis Denisof, on his experience of the demon infested world of Angel

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Deep Space NineDeep Space Nine
• "We wrote it for ourselvers, and we had a blast!" Executive Producer Ira Steven Behr reflects on the epic war-torn Star Trek series, recently voted the best Trek by our readers

Lis Sladen as Sarah Jane SmithDoctor Who
• DVD commentary - done. New audio series - imminent. Elisabeth Sladen tells us about a role that's lasted almost 30 years, and why she is forever Miss Sarah Jane Smith

Charmed's Brian KrauseCharmed
• Leo is the White Lighter who married a witch and sometimes kicks some demon butt. Brian Krause talks about his alter ego and making the intense episode Saving Private Leo

Spaced stars Jessica Stevenson and Simon PeggSpaced
• "No sitcom out there said anything to anybody of that age..." Co-star / co-writer Simon Pegg tells some interesting tales in our second interview on the crazy New Age comedy

Spike Milligan
• Andrew Pixley pays tribute to the comic genius who passed away in February 2002

Cleopatra 2525
• A full episode guide to the short lived, Fantasy action series starring Jennifer Sky, Gina Torres and Victoria Pratt. Covers all 28 episodes

Picture Quiz and Competitions:
• To celebrate our 150th issue we are giving away an amazing about of prizes, DVDs, books, CDs and Toys. Plus, win a year's subscription to TV Zone!

Deep Thought:
• Exploring the more complex ideas behind Cult TV. This month: We take a look at BBC One's current drama, and ask; where's all the Cult?

The 150th episode of Deep Space Nine was one that changed the Trek Universe forever. We take a look at the landmark episode, Tears of the Prophets.

Primetime: The American Embassy
• In this Fox series, Emma Brody (Arija Bareikis) is in the heart of London working for the American Embassy, and taking on much more than she bargained for...

TV Reviews • Over 20 new episodes from...

  • Andromeda Season Two
  • Angel Season Three
  • Buffy Season Six
  • Charmed Season Four
  • Earth: Final Conflict Season Five
  • Enterprise Season One
  • Jeremiah Season One
  • Mutant X Season One
  • Roswell Season Three
  • Smallville Season One
  • Strange BBC Pilot
  • The X-Files Season Nine

• All this new merchandise too...

  • Andromeda DVD Vol 1.1
  • Angel Season Two DVD Box Set
  • The Avengers DVD 1965: Files 1 & 2
  • Doctor Who VHS: The Ambassadors of Death
  • Doctor Who Novels:
    The Book of the Still and Warmonger
  • Doctor Who CDs:
    BBC Radiophonic Workshop CD Vol 3 & 4 music compilation and Seasons of Fear Audio adventure
  • Farscape DVD Vol 3.01
  • LEXX DVD Vol 2.02
  • The Prisoner: The Official Companion Book
  • Sitcom Classics on DVD: Bless This House, Father, Dear Father, Man About the House
  • What Made Thunderbirds Go: The Gerry Anderson biography
  • UFO DVD Collectors Edition Digi Box Set

We're working to bring you more online content in 2002 across Keep checking back for updates!

  • News stories include:
    The Future of AngelDoctor Who DVDs: Resurrection vs Key to Time season?
    'The truth' at last in The X-Files
    James Cameron to direct Dark Angel finale
    Spring and Summer UK TV • New US Pilots
    BBC to make new Baskervilles
    Star Trek: Nemesis news
    ITV to screen Top 10: James Bond
    BBC lose the world • Plus much more…
  • TV Focus: All your Cult TV needs in an easy to use guide to all UK channels (to 10 May)
  • In the Shops: our merchandise guide covers new releases from May to August 2002
  • Memory Alpha: Your questions answered. This month, The Flintstones, The Immortal, The Wild Wild West and It Takes a Thief.
  • Letters Pages: Your views, your say. Continuing the What is Cult? debate.

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