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Feature: Angel - Davids Greenwalt & Boreanaz

Who's the Daddy?

David Boreanaz as Angel: holding the baby, but is that blood? Now well into a third season, and with sister series Buffy having switched networks, Angel has truly found its audience. Mark Wyman found out what's been going on with TV's unique vampire daddy…

Angel has come a long way from its origins as a spin-off from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Starring David Boreanaz as the vampire with a soul, Angel has been going its own way with scarcely a nod to its former WB neighbour in Sunnydale. For Boreanaz himself, the show's current balance between light and dark, with more regulars at Angel Investigations, is working well.

"To me, the third season is the standpoint of where we're going, because everything just fell into place from day one," he says, talking with the press at a Pasadena hotel. "The characters each have their own identity and paths, but all of those paths are going to the core – which is hopefully Angel's salvation... With the blessing of great writers and everybody who works on the show, it's just been great".

One high profile contribution to Angel during 2002's February sweeps came when Joss Whedon wrote and directed the much anticipated ballet-based episode Waiting in the Wings (airing April 11 on Sky One). After his celebrated musical episode for Buffy The Vampire Slayer's current season, it might be assumed that Whedon put the Angel cast into intensive dance training, but Boreanaz is quick to point out that there's "No singing, no dancing" for him this time.

Regarding the prolific Whedon's involvement, Angel's co-creator and executive producer Greenwalt quips "Well, Joss is a very large-brained person. Apparently, he's in love with the ballet and I guess he felt the show wasn't quite gay enough yet." As references to Angel's sexual persuasion are a recurring joke on the show, a chuckling Boreanaz interjects that "Angel is not gay. In every episode there's something…" only for Greenwalt to respond "Have you seen the outfits? You tell me." Clearly, the producer and his star are enjoying this banter, but Greenwalt pays a more serious tribute to the actor's influence.

"Actually, David, to his credit, is always saying, 'Just get Joss – he should just direct one a year.' And we try to do that." In terms of guiding the show, stresses Greenwalt, "There's not a major thing that happens on the show that Joss and I haven't discussed. You know that guy makes up stories while he sleeps? He'll arrive in the morning and say, 'What if we do this, this, and this?' So in 10 to 30 minutes with Joss I can do what I would do in twelve hours or three days with a normal Human Being. But the answer is he's very involved: this whole arc, the baby, everything that will happen this year."

Ah yes, the baby. This season Angel has rather improbably gained a son, the result of his and fellow vampire Darla's night together in Season Two's Reprise. Angel names the boy Connor and becomes the devoted father. Responding to questions about the future of baby Connor on Angel, the producer will only hint: "It's a Whedon/Greenwalt show. Bad things are going to happen, and it won't be long before those bad things happen..."

by Mark Wyman

Nine pages of Angel photo-features in this issue! Read the full version of this feature plus a new Alexis Denisof interview in:
TV Zone #150

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TV Zone #150
May 2002
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