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Feature: The X-Files Chris Carter

all change

X-Files new leads? Annabeth Gish and Robert Patrick

X-Files executive producer Chris Carter looks ahead to the future of the show…

It's over. The X-Files is no longer the story of Scully and Mulder. Chris Carter, the creator and executive producer of the long-running Fox series, acknowledges that David Duchovny is officially no longer part of the show's cast. What then lies ahead for a series that throughout eight seasons was enjoying unrivalled success in its field? Carter is convinced that not only has the show caught a second breath of renewed energy with the addition of Robert Patrick, introduced last year, but has been further energized with the introduction of Annabeth Gish. He even hints that should Gillian Anderson decide to leave her role as Scully, Patrick and Gish could indeed be the two lead characters.

"There's part of me that's very proud of just the longevity of the show and the fact that it's stayed good through so many seasons," Carter says. "I think a lot of shows continue to go on and it becomes a matter of commerce, or it becomes, you know… it's business-driven. Really, the show is often Fox's highest-rated show. It's always their highest-rated drama so those are things I'm very proud of as we've gone forward and I think that's really a testament to the continued efforts of the producers and the storytellers.

"But also, being able to overcome all the things that have come with the show, the lawsuits (by Duchovny) and the politics, I think the show only got more interesting as it got older," he continues. "It's not just a one-trick pony. It really is a show that has so many different dimensions."

Of course, adding new cast members brings new visualization to the show as well, especially with Duchovny's departure and the rumoured departure of Anderson. "You have to deal with the changes as they come," he responds diplomatically when asked. "We really have three leads this year. However, we want to be honest to Gillian's character and her predicament, if you will, that she is still certainly very attached to Mulder. He is missing. She may or may not know where he is.

"We want to be true to her motherhood and her responsibility as a mother, but also that she is drawn back into the X-Files for reasons that are personal and professional. She's still a seeker of the truth. So if Gillian were to leave the show next year, we'll be looking at the possibility that Annabeth, in the absence of Gillian, might assume that Scully position..."

by Jean Cummings

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