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• A villain to end all villains: Wayne Pygram puts his megalomaniac plans on hold as he chats to TV Zone about the evil Scorpius. Plus: Producer David Kemper looks back at the series so far and talks about the future plans of the show after its two-year renewal

Linda Park as Ensign SatoEnterprise
Linda Park, who plays Ensign Hoshi Sato (Enterprise's communications officer) on dealing with different dialects, including stiff upper-lipped English and Klingon

J. August Richards as GunnAngel
• As vampire hunter Gunn, J August Richards talks about the part he plays in his third year with Angel Investigations - and on being recognised in an English fish'n'chip shop

Sam Jones as super-ally Pete RossSmallville
• "These characters are so powerful and mean so much to a lot of people". Sam Jones III on life in sleepy Smallville and how playing Clark Kent's best friend, Pete Ross, is just super

• As the crew of the strangest ship in the two universes comes to Earth, producer Paul Donovan looks at the final season

Jack and The Beanstalk
• An old fairytale brought to modern day life with this live action sequel to the classic children's story. We take a look at the adventure starring Matthew Modine

• From Hour of the Night to Its Hour Come Round At Last, a comprehensive, illustrated episode guide to Season One of Dylan Hunt and crew's adventures

The Outer Limits
• As a Producer on The Outer Limits, Brad Turner discusses his time on the long-running second generation of the short story Sci-Fi show

Fantasy Flashback
The New Avengers: Andrew Pixley uncovers the birth of the spin-off series featuring Steed, Gambit and Purdey in The Last of the Cybernauts - complete with an illustrated synopsis plus cast and crew list

• PLUS! All these TV Reviews – over 40 new episodes!
  • Andromeda Season Two
  • Angel Season Three
  • Buffy Season Six
  • Charmed Season Four
  • Dark Angel Season Two
  • Earth: Final Conflict Season Five
  • Enterprise Season One
  • LEXX Season Four
  • Mutant X
  • Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) Season Two
  • Roswell Season Three
  • Smallville Season One
  • Stargate SG-1 Season Five
• All this new merchandise too...
  • News • Check out the headlines here
  • TV Focus For all UK viewers' genre show needs, a detailed guide to the month ahead (to 21 Dec)
  • In the Shops – after a month's break, our merchandise guide returns with schedules for six months' worth of upcoming releases
  • Primetime • 24, starring Kiefer Sutherland and Dennis Haysbert
  • Memory Alpha • Your questions on The Stone Tape, Buffy stunts, Counterstrike, DoDo the Space Boy and Space 1999 answered
  • Letters Page • Where your views count

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