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selected from TV Zone #145

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TV Zone intends to review television episodes as soon after their US broadcast as possible. As such, the reviews are liable to contain plot spoilers (the plot synopses are in purple below). Episodes and merchandise are given a mark out of 10 by our reviewers. If you don’t agree with the mark, why not write in and tell us so? Episodes are coded by season and episode, eg E8 is the eighth episode of Season Five. The date following episode titles is the first run broadcast in the US, unless stated.

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This month's selections:
- Enterprise hits the traditional zone
- Roswell plays to its strengths
- a new Doctor Who range launches
- and more Star Trek Gateways books

Enterprise: Unexpected
season one, UPN

Reviewed by
John Binns

(tx: 17 October 2001)

While helping to repair an alien ship that had been drawing on Enterprise's power, Trip befriends a female engineer – and on his return is alarmed to discover that he has unwittingly fallen pregnant. While Phlox prepares him for the experience of giving birth, Archer manages to track down the aliens again – now drawing power from a Klingon ship. Fortunately a new host can be found for Trip's baby, but not before the Klingons exact a price for the aliens' lives.

Sadly Unexpected is our first sign of the traditional Star Trek flaws coming back to the fore, making it the first mediocre episode of the new series. Excessive techno-babble gets in the way both of Trip's characterization and of the aliens' ability to disconcert or intrigue us, while the attempt at a comedic story line fails at the more basic level of not being particularly funny.

The scenes between Trip and the mother of his child never rise above the level of the mildly cute. It's worth noting that they would have been better with less winking to the audience on the subject of holodecks, and/or with a female lead who, without wanting to be too unkind, was a little less scaly and hideous. 6

selected from TV Zone #145
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Roswell: Michael and Max
season three, UPN

Reviewed by
Paul Spragg

(tx: 23 October 2001)

Michael attempts to juggle two jobs, friends and Maria, Liz discovers the truth about her father and Isabel must decide how she feels about Jesse with a bit of help from the ghost of Alex.

This season it seems Roswell is keen to do what it does best: relationships. So far we've barely had a moment of alien oddness, and it's working very much in the show favour as it rebuilds the much-missed Max/Liz partnership, expands the enjoyable Michael/Maria one and moves Isabel and Jesse's on to the next level.

It's good to see the return of an old friend as well who provides a fun twist in the tale, and each relationship provides a different element to the unfolding story, whether it be comedy, emotional drama or some old-fashioned romance. This is a show that's really playing to its greatest strength at the moment, and as such it's extremely difficult to fault. 8

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  • selected from TV Zone #145
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