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selected from TV Zone #145

in this new-look 10-page section...

Buffy's Emma Caulfield: Anya sings!• Musical Buffy episode is magical
Wolf Lake axed, Smallville and Alias picked up
Enterprise plots reveal cold war
Doctor Who releases on DVD, VHS for 2002 confirmed
• Lucy Lawless on guesting in The X-Files Season Nine

X-Files' guest Lucy Lawless• Also: Channel 4's Top 10 TV Sci-Fi, retro but good
• Possible sequel to Hawaii 5-0?
• Clark Kent's mother was too pretty for Smallville
• the much-delayed Emmy Awards for genre shows
and a Channel 4 Angel update

• Primetime – Kiefer Sutherland and Dennis Haysbert on round-the-clock drama in Fox's real-time '24' (covered in our TCA reports)
• In the Shops – our upcoming merchandise guide returns, looking well into 2002
• TV Focus – Listings highlights for the next five weeks' UK cult viewing

You can read all the latest Cult television news in TV Zone #145.
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