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Witchy Willow

Having just enjoyed a busy summer of Buffy and American Pie 2, Alyson Hannigan takes time out to tell TV Zone about witches and girlfriends

Alyson Hannigan

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Alyson Hannigan has enjoyed a very busy Summer. Following her runaway success in the film comedy American Pie, she found that her bigger role in the sequel actually collided with the schedules for Buffy. "I wrapped American Pie 2 straight after I wrapped Buffy," Hannigan enthuses. "I was doing both projects at the same time!"

Everyone is excited about the new season, and rumours already abound. Is there any truth in the rumour that Willow is going to turn bad?

Lezzing up: Willow and Tara"I don't know..." Hannigan admits. "Actually, I've only read the first episode, and that was only yesterday, so I don't know!" Musing on what sort of villainess she would make, she thinks "She'd probably have a little bit of her evil Willow in there... from the other dimensions, but I don't know..." Would this mean a return for her frighteningly tight leather corset?

"Ooh, that would be good..." She pauses suspiciously. "I think you know more than I do!"

Willow has evolved more than any other character on the show - from shy computer operator to 'cool lesbian witch'. Does this please the actress?

"Think about where she started, as this shy introvert in High School that had a great brain. I think it's that type of people in real life that actually develop more. You go to the High School reunion, and those are the people that are suddenly more interesting, they've done more. So I think she had the most room to grow, and now she's coming to terms with what she can do."

What was the biggest change in Willow that Alyson didn't see coming?

"I guess, I suppose, it was the magic power. She was so into computers that I never saw her being so involved with this natural power that she controls. It's very exciting, but it's also very intimidating because I don't actually know anything about Wiccan magic. Whenever I'm doing the spells I keep asking 'Is this right?' or 'Would this actually happen?'"

So do the real Wiccans have anything to say about it? "Not really," Alyson states, a little relieved. "They're supportive, but they don't say 'Oh, that would never happen!' Thankfully!"

Personality Traits

Is Alyson at all like her on-screen character? "A friend of mine was asked whether I was anything like the character. He said Willow was one of my personalities! I think that's great. There are certain things that are quite similar - the quirky sense of humour and the goofiness and the childlike behaviour in the humour. There are other things that are not me at all."

Was she affected by the change of network?

"Not really. It didn't really bother me. I knew the show was going to come back, so I wasn't really worried about our jobs being taken away. I think it's like putting another little fire under the show. I know Joss really wants it to do well. I realized that I haven't actually done a press junket since the first season. It's nice to do it, to focus on our show. That's not to say the WB didn't care but I certainly felt that I was on the back burner there..."

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