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In this issue of TV Zone:

Farscape – Ben Browder
• The top man talks! As the NASA Astronaut lost in the incredible Farscape universe, Browder opens up about the new and exciting Season 3. WIll it create more time for the others as Crichton strives to avoid Scorpius?

Claudia Black as Aeryn SunFarscape – Claudia Black
• Plus the actress behind Crichton's beloved, the vivacious Aeryn Sun. Back from the dead for Season 3, Black quite understandably feels that Aeryn is integral to the series...
Ten pages of Farscape interviews!

Peter DeLuise directs SG-1Stargate SG-1
• Peter DeLuise, the creative consultant / director / writer behind much of the immensely popular series spills some beans on Season 5. Hear from a pivotal part of the SG-1 team
For more interviews and exclusive reports on Season 5, pick up our next TV Zone Stargate SG-1 Special (TS42, out: the very end of July)

Brandy Ledford joins Invisible Man Vincent VentrescaThe Invisible Man
• ... has a new lady co-star, and she's nobody's pet sidekick. Meet Brandy Ledford, who as super-agent Alex Monroe is one tough cookie without Official approval

• The moody Tyr Anasazi docks with TV Zone to talk about the new season. Keith Hamilton Cobb who plays Tyr is happy that he and the rest of the cast have the chance to explore their characters further. “Let Tyr be outrageous, let him say what he wants.”

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
• The end of Season Five had the ultimate in downbeat cliffhangers. So what’s next for the show? Season Six is confirmed but how will Buffy be involved? We try to figure out what lies ahead for the chosen one
• Plus - to celebrate Season Two's arrival on DVD we present a thorough episode guide for the sophomore year. And you could win a copy of the DVD box set!

Fantasy FlashbackThe Stone Tape
Nigel Kneale's spine-chilling 1972 ghost story for BBC2 gets rewatched to accompany its appearance on DVD

  • PLUS!
    Reviews • This month: 11 pages covering...
    The LAST EVER episodes of Star Trek: Voyager • The last episodes of The X-Files' Season 8 • The finale of Farscape Season 2 • plus Buffy and Angel episodes, Doctor Who Books and Audios, Star Trek Section 31 Books, Dune: Mini Series on VHS and Space:1999 on DVD
  • News • A round up of all the latest news, gossip and events around the world of Cult TV
  • Memory Alpha • Mrs Columbo, Eliza Dushku, Diagnosis Murder and Hitchcock vs. Holmes
  • Letters Page • More of your comments on the worlds of cult television
  • Competitions! Win the latest Buffy DVD Box Set

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