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The Seventh Doctor and Ace• Gillian Anderson to quit The X-Files?
Doctor Who audio goes online as Sylvester and Sophie return in Death Comes to Time
Battlestar Galactica come back: it's OFFICIAL!
• New sister announced on Charmed

Kevin Kilner, E:FC's once and future star• Dead star to return to Earth: Final Conflict, while Dead Buffy pulls in highest Sky ratings for series!
• Douglas Adams gets Beeb Omnibus Special tribute
Xena, Queen of Warriors loses her head in shocking finale
• Cromwell to return as Cochrane for Enterprise?

• TV Focus – Our overview of shows to watch on the leading UK channels
• Cult TV World: – The latest news on all the shows that matter, from BBC2's Aaagh! Its the Mr. Hell Show (we kid you not) to CBS's Wolf Lake
• In the Shops – What's coming into stores during August and September, plus a book update looking ahead until April 2002
• Primetime – Jerry Bruckheimer and William Petersen on CBS's most successful drama last season, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

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