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Enterprise underway! We report on the premise, the crew, hear from an enthusiastic Rick Berman and a disappointed George Takei... and the TV Zone mock-up which caused a stir on the Web!
DS9's Sisko and Dax - bound for BBC2?Star Trek: BBC2 to hold second theme night, including a classic Deep Space Nine episode
Voyager finale feedback from... oh dear, it's Robert Beltran
• More Doctor Who series rumours, plus a merchandise update with new DVD material for North America

Giles: put the kettle on, he'll be home soonBuffy the Vampire Slayer's Giles to get spin-off? We report on moves to bring the Watcher home, and the latest on Buffy and Angel's sundered seasons
• BBC treasure hunt uncovers vintage spoils from lost sitcom
• Update on Red Dwarf - the Movie and Babylon 5:
Legend of the Rangers

• Tribute to Douglas Adams – a personal farewell from colleague Kevin Davies.
• TV Focus – Our overview of shows to watch on the leading UK channels.
• Autumn Fallout 2001 – Our handy schedule grid showing cult tv shows, including newcomers, announced by the US Networks for Fall 2001.
• In the Shops – What's coming into stores during July and August, plus a video update looking ahead until October 2001.
• Primetime – HBO's funeral industry comedy series Six Foot Under, by American Beauty writer Alan Ball. We also hear from its star Rachel Griffiths.

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