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In this issue of TV Zone:

• Two interviews with leading man Kevin Sorbo and leading lady Lisa Ryder, as they discuss their loves, lives and the roller-coaster ride of their first season. Having been stopped on the street and recognised as their on-screen counterparts, things must be looking up for Andromeda...

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Kate Mulgrew took the wrap concept very literallyStar Trek: Voyager
• With Voyager done and dusted, the cast and crew get together for one final party to celebrate their 7-year mission. We caught up with them all for some parting thoughts

• Plus Dwight Schultz tells us of his time as Lt. Reg Barclay aboard both Voyager and Next Generation

Angel: Fang-free smiles all round.Angel
• The stars of the hit Vampire spin-off in a lively discussion of their thoughts on two years of Angel – slightly distracted by the idea of Charisma Carpenter in a bikini...

Jayne Heitmeyer as EFC's ReneeEarth: Final Conflict
• Super tough Jane Heitmeyer looks back at her first year in the alien invasion saga. On location for Season 4's Street Chase, she also discusses the pitfalls of Taelon technology

The Lone Gunmen
The X-Files’ first spin-off follows the antics of the most haphazard group of truth exposers around. Mulder’s three conspiracy contacts have been joined by two newcomers. We introduce the team and interview creators Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz about their hopes and dreams for the new series.
Pilot reviewed here

Dark Realm
• Dimitri Logothetis’s new series explores the paranormal and the fantastic with a modern day, Twilight Zone twist. Each of the 13 episodes tell a strange and frightening tale about people getting into situations they pray they had never started...

Fantasy Flashback The Prisoner
• If you are a number, and even if you are not, you’ll love our guide to the first episode of this amazing cult classic, Arrival

  • PLUS!
    Reviews • This month: 10 pages covering Buffy, Charmed, Doctor Who, Farscape, LEXX, The Lone Gunmen, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek, Voyager and The X-Files
  • News • A round up of all the latest news, gossip and events surrounding the world of Cult TV
  • Memory Alpha • This month we delve into the exciting world of Diagnosis: Murder and break the news to some that The Others has been cancelled. Plus Q & As on Charmed and Airwolf
  • Primetime • The American Sci-Fi channel's most successful show at present is the breathtaking Crossing Over, with gifted medium John Edwards. Judy Sloane talks to the host
  • Letters Page • More of your comments on the worlds of cult television, including comments on Roswell, Stargate, Doctor Who oin DVD, plus Xena's absence from Channel 5... again

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