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Buffy the Vampire Slayer reaches the end of the line – and promptly changes networks... We reflect on the chain of events, while relaying Joss Whedon's overview of Season Five and preview of 100th episode The Gift
Alice Krige returns as the Borg Queen• Ends and beginnings on Star Trek: Borg reappearance confirmed for Voyager finale, plus the background on negotiations with Scott Bakula over Enterprise
Babylon 5 veteran joins Legend of the Rangers TV movie cast, plus Straczynski on returning to the B5 universe
• Hugh Grant not in Doctor Who frame? Plus more diverse Time Lord material on DVD and audio

• TV Focus – Our overview of shows to watch on the leading UK channels.
• Cult Television World – The latest snippets in our show-by-show guide, from the return of Absolutely Fabulous to young Superman series Smallville.
• In the Shops – What's coming into stores during June and July, plus a book update looking ahead until February 2002.
• Primetime – He hears dead people! In our latest feature, Judy Sloane talks to the US Sci-Fi's phenomenal medium John Edward about Crossing Over.

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