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• As one half of Hanna-Barbera dies at age 90, we salute William Hanna, creator of so many all-time cartoon character greats, such as Scooby-Doo.
Some of William Hanna's creations• Other stories: The Quantum Leap star rumoured to be leading the new Trek series!
• Another tv movie in the Babylon 5 universe, confirmed by Sci-Fi and jms.
• Extras planned for future Doctor Who DVDs

• vintage Avengers episode discovered?
Stingray and Scarlet to follow Thunderbirds on BBC2

• TV Focus – Our overview of shows to watch on 11 leading UK channels.
• Cult Television World – The latest snippets in our show-by-show guide from UPN's supernatural newcomer All Souls to Xena's finale and The X-Files.
• In the Shops – What's coming into stores during May and June, plus a video / DVD update for the remainder of 2001.
• Primetime – In our latest illustrated feature, Judy Sloane talks to action star Jackie Chan about the weekly Jackie Chan Adventures on Kids' WB.

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