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Star Trek: Series V: what could threaten the first phase of production – and will the newcomer's title overturn tradition? Plus more on Voyager's last phase
Dinosaur: not missing• Sudden activity in the Lost World as BBC begins shooting Conan Doyle's dinosaur-hunting expedition
• Juliet Landau and writer David Fury on the rematching of Spike & Dru in the Buffy episode Crush
• Straczynski's still teasing over a new Babylon 5 tv movie
• Cheer for Doctor Who over McGann's return for a second audio season

• and Chris Carter on the prospects for The X-Files Year IX and The Lone Gunmen

• TV Focus – New look for our overview of programmes to watch out for on 10 leading UK channels.
• Cult Television World – The latest snippets in our show-by-show guide from 3rd Rock and Ally McBeal to Witchblade and Xena.
• In the Shops – What's coming into stores during April and May.
• Primetime – In our latest illustrated feature, we look at how the WB's bizarre new animated comedy The Oblongs is shaping up.

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