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In this issue of TV Zone:

Xena's Gabrielle
• Renee O’Connor talks openly about her six years as Xena: Warrior Princess's loyal friend and sidekick on the hit show. In a seven-page feature, she looks back on the highs and lows as well as her own directing experiences, working with Lucy Lawless – and life after the show. But does she know where it will end?

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Angel's Charles GunnAngel
• J. August Richards talks about playing tough new good guy, Charles Gunn, the whole Vampire ordeal and joining an established series – despite nearly passing on the role

Cleopatra and 2 headless dummies Cleopatra 2525
Three lovely ladies, Jennifer Sky, Victoria Pratt and Gina Torres talk exclusively about their lives in the far-flung, colourful and stylistic future that is the 26th Century

• Double star, Lani Tupu discusses his two very different characters of Crais and Pilot. Plus fellow voiceman Jonathan Hardy – heard but not seen as the greedy Hynerian Rygel XVI

Stargate SG-1
• Actor/director Alex Cruz (the kidnapped Skaara from the original film) talks about his life as an actor and gets all glowie eyed as he talks about gates, gods and evil little parasites in his recurring role

The Invisible Man
• Eddie Jones, probably best known for playing Clark’s dad in the New Adventures of Superman, talks about his new all-important official role as the government agent assigned to keep Vincent Ventresca's man Invisible and do his dirty work

First Wave
• In the second of our interviews with the new main cast member, Traci Lords, she tells us about the fun she's had making twenty-twp episodes of the show, and her other Sci-Fi projects

Fantasy Flashback
Wonder Woman! As Sci-Fi bring back this 70’s classic in the UK, we recall the show's wondrous delights – from Lynda Carter losing her glasses to the bulletproof bracelets! Includes a full illustrated synopsis of the WW2 pilot tv movie and background information

  • PLUS!
    Reviews • As ever, we review a wide range of episodes from the leading cult and Sci-Fi programmes around. From the X-Files, Buffy and Voyager to Stargate SG-1, Earth: Final Conflict and the UK's League of Gentlemen - plus and must have merchandise from Buffy, Angel and Doctor Who
  • News. A round up of all the latest news, gossip and events surrounding the world of Cult TV. This month The X-Files gets yet another new agent to help out the spooky duo. A three-part story arc sees the FBI agents investigating satanic rituals. Also, some top Babylon 5, Doctor Who, Buffy and Star Trek X news. Plus the usual round up of the lastest events on the sets of all you favourite shows.
  • Memory Alpha • Do you remember Number 73? The Original Charlie's Angels and a picture of Robert Powell. Oh and getting saucy with Roswell's Katherine Heigl.
  • Letters Page • This month sees the start of a new look Letters page in which the commentary to our delightful TV Zone Towers is replaced by more letters and serious insights from the experts, us.

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Memory Alpha

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