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Paul McGann - on audio this month, then DVD • Judgment on Angel – ITC declares vampire show unsuitable for its timeslot.
Who For All Areas - the latest announcements on the Doctor's DVD, video and audio schedules.

• Marti Noxon on Spike's new direction in Buffy, and Angel's Christian Kane on loser Lindsey.
Voyager - production's nearly over, so what's left in store?
• And Mutant X gears up, but it's not the X-Men. Honest.

• TV Focus – More packed columns with the latest news of TV shows from 3rd Rock from the Sun and Absolutely Fabulous to Zombie College.
• In the Shops – What's coming into stores during February and March, plus a book update for the rest of 2001
• Primetime – In our latest illustrated feature, we spotlight the NBC's quirky Ed, where bowling and lawyers collide in Ohio, and talk to producer Rob Burnett.

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