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James MarstersBlonde Ambition

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Spike’s chip-induced impotence (there’s that word again) may have led some viewers to believe that the vampire may have lost some his bite, but Marsters says it just ain’t so. “I’m evil!’ he insists. “That’s right in the scripts again.

“I kind of use Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange as a touchstone. When he was deprogrammed, it was pretty much the same thing, except that he was stricken with nausea. Behind his eyes, he was still evil. If anything, he was even angrier and wanting to do more damage when he was kept from doing it, because it was bottled up inside him, so to some degree, that’s what I was going for, but at the same time, they are trying to find a way to make Spike last. If he’s evil all the time, any villain can probably try to kill Buffy maybe five times before they become pathetic.

“That just gets so old, so they have to find a way to keep Spike from trying to kill Buffy, and this was the way they’ve done it so far. Again, not that I know that much about the new season, but there will probably be other things that bring them together. I suspect that if Spike’s needs are parallel with Buffy’s then they will be on the same track, but I don’t think he’ll ever be a good guy. I don’t think he was a particularly nice guy before he became a vampire.”

Joe Nazzaro

“An Accurate History of William the Bloody”Spike & Dru during the Boxer Rebellion

An extract from the Watchers’ Diaries

While in conversation with the reverend Patrick Giles this very evening, I learned that our fabled William the Bloody had not only been sighted in Prague, but was regarded as a known companion of the vampire Drusilla.

There is some confusion about events in Prague but it is certain that Drusilla has been destroyed, while there remains much conjecture about the fate of William himself. I understand that the number of unaccountable deaths in Prague since the incident have fallen.

Lionel Hardwick, 1891


James Marsters talks more about Buffy's Spike in this seven-page cover feature in TV Zone #135, along with more extracts from the Watchers' Diaries.
(Please note: as with all historical documents, new interpretations and further evidence may create different perceptions of events)

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