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in this issue of TV Zone:

Ben BrowderFarscape
• "It has a very eclectic nature..." says the star of the show. He's not kidding! Ben Browder on the strange life and times of John Crichton in our great eight-page feature

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Vincent Ventresca as The Invisible ManThe Invisible Man
• "It's nice to have a job like this that you can fall in love with..." Vincent Ventresca becomes the new Invisible Man in Sci-Fi’s hit series. We’re ready to see him now

Steve Braun (Goodwin) and April Telek (Sara)The Immortal
• A double helping of sidekicks! We talk to Steven Braun, who plays Goodwin about his love of fast food and fast love. Plus, Raphael’s demon-hunting doctor friend, April Telek...

Doctor Who
• Marking the release of the Cybermen Box Set, we present a previously unpublished interview with the late Michael Craze, alias Who companion Ben Jackson

The Outer Limits
Making mountains out of CGI molehills - Visual Effects supervisor Steve Anker tells us all about his work on the show

• Keith Hamilton Cobb, alias the cool, collected superhuman Tyr, gives us the lowdown on the new series of Andromeda

First Wave
• We go behind the scenes of First Wave to talk to production designer Paul Joyal about designing alien habitats and US states.

Fantasy Flashback
Proving that they do anything, anytime, The Goodies take on the fearsome Kitten Kong!

  • PLUS!
    Reviews • Rejoice! The new season premières are here, as well as all the Christmas goodies you could ever want rated! Including … The entire first season of The League of Gentlemen on DVD and a book about the Doctor Who tv movie, plus a new Spike & Drue novel, and SM:TV's Chumson video
  • Our acclaimed News digests events in and around the TV Zone. Plus, we look at ABC’s new hospital drama Gideon’s Crossing, and talk to the star Andre Braugher in this issue’s Primetime!
  • Memory Alpha • answers more of your posed queries about Cult Television of the past and present. This issue, revealing the identity of Camberwick Green’s flower-seller, and the longest-running tv show in the world
  • Letters Page • Lots of blazer-wearing, who-is-Number-One antics when the postbag ends up in The Village

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Memory Alpha

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