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in this issue of TV Zone:

Cade Foster and Jordan Radcliffe (aka Spence & Lords)First Wave
• We travel to the set in Vancouver to meet a twice-blessed, ET-fighting man and a gal with a big gun (that's Sebastian Spence and Traci Lords to you).

Plus - their producers Larry Sugar and Randy Cheveldave also talk about filming the exciting third season, and their favourite episodes to date

See also cover story in Xposé #49

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David Boreanaz (Angel) free artcard in this issue!
Plus free in this issue - photo print of David Boreanaz (Angel)!

Melinda Daines as E:FC newcomer J StreetEarth: Final Conflict
New kid on the block Melinda Deines, aka J Street, talks about hacking skills, off-kilter morals, and her 'interesting' wardrobe, as the show revamps again for its fourth year

Kira Clavell and Dominic Keating, Immortal enemiesThe Immortal
• We unveiled star Lorenzo Lamas three issues ago. Now it’s the turn of his two long-lived demon foes, as Kira Clavell and Dominic Keating chat during a break from devilish deeds

Queen of Swords
• Action and adventure with the beautiful, sword-wielding Tessie Santiago - alias superheroine and Spanish aristo Tessa Alvarado, the Queen of Swords!

• Next up, another monarch of all she surveys - shape-shifting jungle superstar Sheena! We go on-set with former Baywatch star Gena Lee Nolin

Star Trek: Voyager
Robert Duncan McNeill discusses whether he’ll be getting a homecoming in Voyager’s final season, plus Harry Kim’s alter-ego Garrett Wang looks back at the last season, and the difficulty in kissing cows

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
• Our last encounter for now with the writers of Buffy (in the two preceding issues: Doug Petrie and Marti Noxon). For the finalé, we talk to David Fury about his sit-com life and going fishing

The Sight
• Taking a look at this recently premiered supernatural thriller (starring Andrew McCarthy and Amanda Redman) with director Paul Anderson

Fantasy Flashback
From the town of Bedrock we’ve an episode right out of History, as the alien Gazoo meets The Flintstones

  • PLUS!
    Reviews • The most authoritative and up-to-date look at tv episodes and related merchandise around. Including the latest Buffy video and Star Trek book releases, plus an excellent Thunderbirds guide, and new Scooby-Dooon video
  • Our acclaimed News (Headlines available) digests events in and around the TV Zone. Plus, Grosse Point - the new Darren Star show that goes behind the scenes - and egos - in this issue’s Primetime!
  • Memory Alpha • answers more of your posed queries about Cult Television of the past and present. This month, getting all personal with James Marsters and the lowdown on the Soldiers of Fortune
  • Letters Page • goes all topical by locking the staff in a cupboard for a prize, with people getting evicted each week. Welcome to our game of ‘Overly-Large Male Sibling’!

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