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She's The Queen of Swords • Seven pages of details on all the cult series airing in the US for fall and winter seasons. From Angel to The X-Files on the networks, and from Andromeda to Xena in syndication, we bring you commentary on each series to date, and listings for all the new episodes announced so far.
• Newcomers this season include The Immortal, Sheena and Queen of Swords - and we've got interviews from stars of all those shows in this issue too!

• Also in this section: the New New Adventures of Superman announced, Channel 4's response to complaints about the scheduling of Angel, LEXX's Paul Donovan announces new plans, and more...

• TV Focus – our digest of the key cult shows scheduled on the major UK channels in November
• In the Shops – What's coming into stores during November and December, plus a book update looking into 2001
• Primetime – In our latest illustrated feature, Grosse Point: a new series from Melrose Place creator Darren Star which goes scathingly behind the scenes on the production of a teen drama series. Hmm...

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