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robots of Death reunion • As the British Film Institute unveils its TV100 poll-winners, Who remains an industry favourite? Plus: what reunited Tom Baker and Louise Jameson with an old foe?
• New crusade for jms? J Michael Straczynski unveils the nitty-gritty behind his newly commissioned SF saga
Buffy season premiere goes out for the Count, and more hints on the shape of Season Five from Joss Whedon. Plus – Angel's joust around the corner...
Voyager crewmember RIP? Place your bets, mesdames, messieurs...
• Jonathan Frakes talks up Roswell for Season Two
• Frank Spotnitz predicts anti-climax for the X-Files

• Cult TV World – More packed columns with the latest news of TV shows from 3rd Rock from the Sun and All Souls to Strange Tales and Witchblade
• TV Focus – our digest of the key cult shows scheduled on the major UK channels in October
• In the Shops – What's coming into stores during October and November, plus a video update looking into 2001
• Primetime – In our latest illustrated feature, The Fugitive returns to CBS...

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