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Kevin Sorbo commands the new Andromeda

Excerpts from TV Zone #131


It is 300 years since the collapse of the System's Commonwealth, a galaxy-spanning government embracing hundreds of different cultures. Dylan Hunt is the captain of the starship Andromeda Ascendant, a powerful craft disabled during the great civil war. The Andromeda is found with Dylan in suspended animation, and both are awakened by a gang of mercenaries hoping to salvage the valuable ship. Instead, the reawakened Dylan sets out to restore peace to the former Commonwealth, signing the mercenaries on as his new crew.

Last, Best Hope

That's the premise of Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, a new Sci-Fi/Action-Adventure series, starring Kevin (Hercules) Sorbo as Dylan Hunt, the universe's last, best hope for peace. Based on notes and concepts by the late, great Star Trek creator, Andromeda has been fleshed out by executive producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe, well known to genre fans for his work on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

"Dylan has a ship and a crew," explains Wolfe, "and then bad things happen to many members of his crew and to the ship, but the ship is still intact and he's there. There are also people from after the fall of civilisation that he recruits to round out his crew, and they bring with them a whole different set of values and approach to what they should be doing. There's a conflict there and good and honest debate about what the right thing is to do in certain situations."

When Wolfe was approached by Tribune Entertainment to develop a starship-based project based on some of Roddenberry's unproduced material, the opportunity was just too good to ignore. "A lot of the basic situation was already there," explains Wolfe, "especially as far as the characters of Dylan and Andromeda the ship. They were very much in his original material, and the rest was up to me to develop from there. Obviously, Majel [Barrett-Roddeberry] was involved in the process, and so were Kevin and Tribune and Fireworks, so there was a lot of input coming from a lot of different places. But largely, I got to do a lot of the stuff I wanted to do, so it was great for me and it turned out to be a really fun project."


Having worked on two Star Trek series himself, Wolfe is well aware that the Roddenberry name will inevitably lead to comparisons between Trek and Andromeda, but aside from the basic trappings of a ship-bound Sci-Fi series, the two shows are very different. "I think the comparisons are natural," says Wolfe. "You can't say 'Don't compare it to X, Y or Z,' but there is a certain point when it's time to judge the show by its own merits. Obviously, before our show comes on the air, it's fairly natural for people to try and compare it to things to try to understand what it's going to be like, not just television but different movies.

"There's a whole gamut of different Sci-Fi properties that draw comparison, Star Trek being the most obvious one because Gene Roddenberry's name is on both shows. I think that's fairly natural, but once the show comes on the air, it will be easier for people to see what it is on its own and judge its merits based on that..."

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