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Farscape – armed and dangerous!
• Lose yourself in the far side of the galaxy with arresting star Claudia Black. Black is back for the second season of the most exciting new Sci-Fi show around (now airing on BBC2)! She tells us all about the growing up her character Aeryn Sun has done, and which episodes make Sun shine

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Immortal Lorenzo Lamas The Immortal
• A TV Zone exclusive! Former Renegade Lorenzo Lamas is back as a deathless demon-fighter in this brand new show. We went on location with him and writer Michael Grais

SG1Stargate SG-1
• A Deluise duo: versatile director Peter on the show’s third season, including working with Dom, his father. We also talk to Hollywood veteran Dom DeLuise - aka the illusory Urgo.
• Plus an exciting preview of Season Four!

Champion Stuart DamonThe Champions
• With this classic ITC series being released on DVD, we chat to Stuart Damon, the suave Craig Sterling, about his role as one of the super-powerful agents of Nemesis

• Star Xenia Seeberg reflects on the heavenly Season Three, and the nice and loopy producer Paul Donovan reveals his plans for the very final adventures of LEXX in the next…

• We talk to the Terron terror, King Zad. Actor Steven Grives tells us about ruling the land, and playing an evil Santa Claus

Hollywood Off-Ramp
• Take a detour into terror and suspense with this brand new and quirky anthology show's producer Jennifer Cecil, and its host Brian Unger

  • PLUS!
    Reviews • Merciless and cutting, we set our rabid reviewers on the latest tv and related merchandise of this month.... including the latest Doctor Who and Star Trek releases, plus episodes of Angel, Star Trek and X-Files, and lots more merchandise kike this Goodies companion
  • Our acclaimed News (Headlines available) digests events in and around the TV Zone. Plus: journey with us to a land of sword and sorcery in Channel 5’s new show Ivanhoe: Dark Knight in this issue’s Primetime!
  • Memory Alpha answers more of your posed queries about Cult Television of the past and present. This month, name that tune in Charmed, and becoming The Fall Guy
  • Fantasy Flashback to the original paranoia serial, Doom Watch. Here, man-made disaster strikes modern society in the classic first episode The Plastic Eaters!

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