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In this Borg-tastic issue:

Star Trek: Voyager
• With Voyager moving at Warp Ten to its Season Six finale, we take a tour of duty with Kate Mulgrew, and find out what’s in store for Janeway once the Borg Queen comes a-calling! Plus, it's proved a difficult time for actor Tim Russ. He gives us an insight into whatever happened to Lieutenant Tuvok…

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Farscape's villain Scorpius Farscape
• A comprehensive illustrated episode guide to the first exciting season of John Crichton's adventures with the crew of Moya, including confrontations with Scorpius

BeastMaster Sorceress Monica SchnareeBeastMaster
• Bewitching Monica Schnare on the life and lack-of-love of her she-devil Sorceress in the new syndicated action-adventure series, and her guest role on First Wave

Stargate SG-1
• One of the fab four in charge of the space-hopping hit, laid-back executive producer Michael Greenburg opens the gate for a chat on the state of play after three full seasons, and recalls how the series was cast

Fear Itself strikes Arye Gross in The Outer LimitsThe Outer Limits
• As the anthology series reaches its 100th episode, we talk to executive producer Sam Egan about who’s controlling the vertical hold as the final season shapes up

Xena and Hercules
• Bruce Campbell on going from playing king of thieves Autolycus in the classical fantasies to leading his own new show Jack of All Trades!

  • PLUS!
    • Merciless and cutting, we set our rabid reviewers on the latest tv and related merchandise of this month.... including the latest Doctor Who novels and audio play, plus a revised Encyclopedia of TV Sci-Fi; videos including a rare Avengers documentary, and a new Buffy box-set. Plus more episode reviews from the latest seasons of Stargate SG-1, LEXX, E:FC and The X-Files
  • Our acclaimed News (Headlines available) digests events in and around the TV Zone, while we also drag out our flares and polish our mirrorball for a look at the NBC tv movie The ’70s in this issue’s Primetime!
  • Memory Alpha answers more of your posed queries about Cult tv of the past and present. This month, Butterflies in the stomach, and Millennium on video. Sort of…!
  • In this month’s Letters pages, we take a long-deserved rest at the TV Zone dairy. No, we’re not pulling the udder one.
  • Nose-wiggling all round in Fantasy Flashback's enchanting episode of Bewitched, where a witch ends up with more on her saucer than she expected!

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