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Kevin Sorbo - soon to appear in new galactic guise • US Network Autumn season announcements: How many series are lost in the fallout? We compare the schedules and provide the low-down on the newcomers, including Dark Angel and Fearsum
Andromeda ahoy! - reports from the opening shoots for Gene Roddenberry's latest Sci-Fi legacy, starring the formerly Herculean Kevin Sorbo
BAFTA honours British cult tv past and present
• Part-time Mulder for The X-Files Season Eight?
and • Paul McGann records new Doctor Who saga!

• Cult TV World – More packed columns with the latest news of TV shows from Buffy to Ultraviolet (the US version) and Witchblade (a TV special featuring Lara Croft's sometime ally)
• TV Focus – the key cult shows scheduled on the major UK channels in July
• In the Shops – What's in stores for July and August
• Primetime – In our latest illustrated feature, drag out your flares and polish your mirrorball for NBC's tv movie The '70s!

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