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Back with real byte - ReBoot • Is Faith the new Vampire Slayer? Buffy supervising producer David Fury has some interesting suggestions...
Blake's 7 regeneration - the latest on the potential TV movie which has "a lot of options"
Rebooted - another series lives on in a TV movie style
Roswell's star ascends on the WB, but cancellation threats remain...
Earth: Contract Conflict – changing line-up likely for Season Four?

• Cult TV World – Two pages packed with the latest news of two dozen shows from 3rd Rock to The Worst Witch
• TV Focus – the key cult shows airing on the major UK channels in "Juuuuuuuuuuune!"
• In the Shops – What's in stores for June and July, with video releases planned up to April 2001
• Primetime – We go undercover with CBS’s new show Falcone (the tv cousin of movie Donnie Brasco) all about the dangerous double life of an FBI agent

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