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Free inside: four postcards with the stars of LEXX, Star Trek and Doctor Who, plus this charming cover!Free postcards in this issue!

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• A charming double bill! We interview the creator of Charmed, Connie Burge, who gives us an insight into how the sisters got their powers! Plus - unsure what the wicca is going on with the Halliwell sisters? Allow us to explain with a series overview.

Spring Equinox: not the only ship on the block any more...Star Trek Voyager
• As the starship Voyager travels on from Season Five to Six, we meet new crew members Rick Worthy and Titus Welliver – refugees from the doomed USS Equinox.

Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha: two Carters in one continuum?Stargate SG-1
• From Into the Fire to the cliff-hanger ending of Nemesis, the SG-1 team had a packed season, as our complete and comprehensive Season Three episode guide reveals

Aldbourne church in flames, apparentlyDoctor Who
• Part Two of our behind-the-scenes series on the work of BBC Visual Effects. This issue, the Third Doctor's travels, including: how to blow up a church!

Cleopatra 2525
• Saving the Earth - or bust! See how this new action show is shaping up with a look at what the erotic dancer Cleo gets up to in 2525

Total Recall
• We interview Michael Easton on his character David Hume, a technophobe cop in the world of tomorrow

  • PLUS!
    Reviews • The latest books, including the revised Red Dwarf guide; videos including another Buffy box set, new soundtracks, Stargate SG-1 on DVD... and 15 episode reviews from the current seasons of X-Files, Voyager, Randall & Hopkirk, Angel and Buffy.
    A bulging section, with the most authoritative and up-to-date look at tv and its related merchandise around!
  • Our acclaimed news (Headlines available) and events in and around the TV Zone! We go live and monochrome with George Clooney’s Fail Safe in this issue’s Primetime!
  • Memory Alpha answers more of your posed queries about Cult tv of the past and present. This month, probing The New Professionals, watching the Beast Wars and catching up with Gil Gerard.
  • In this month’s letters pages - more fun and frolics in the TV Zone postroom, as someone tries to unmask the mysterious editor
  • Fantasy Flashback Don’t look into his evil eyes! Genetic abnormalities abound in the classic Outer Limits episode The Mutant

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