issue 125 ships from 16 Mar 2000 UK £2.99 / US $4.99 FEATURE NEWS REVIEWS

Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)
• "We don't hit each other with pans and bicker..."
Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer chat about a change of direction, as they bring back this classic detective series from the dead!

"Calm may work for Locutus of Borg here..."Star Trek
• "I went in and did an episode and I've been there on and off now for 13 years". Veteran director Cliff Bole on his work on the various incarnations of Trek, creating some very iconic shots

Senior Cinderella: Ann-Margret in the 10th KingdomThe 10th Kingdom
• First, they take Manhattan... Wicked queens and fairy tales resurface with a modern twist in Simon Moore’s latest Fantasy project. We talk to him about keeping the Wolf from the door

Emperor on the brink... of an exploding effectDoctor Who
• Hark back to the Troughton era with the first of our very special features on the effects of Doctor Who, with never before seen photos from Steve Campden's forthcoming book

Roswell High
• The aliens have landed, and they’re here to learn... Writer Jason Katims and director David Nutter on creating the teen-led drama set near the ET highway

The Strangerers
• The Moving Picture Company brought Sky One's aliens to life. We talk to Richard Stammers about their floating hubcaps

Arabian Nights
• Think you know the stories? What, all of them? Better think again as Robert Halmi Sr.'s lavish new mini-series hits the screens, starring Dougray Scott and Mili Avital

Babylon 5
• Jeff Conaway, alias Zack Allen, talks about his work on the show, and being castrated by the network!

  • PLUS!
    Reviews • Includes the latest Doctor Who books and Simpsons video, plus 20 (count 'em) episode reviews from the current X-Files, Voyager, Buffy, Angel, Stargate SG-1 and Earth: Final Conflict seasons.
    A bulging section, with the most authoritative and up-to-date look at tv and its related merchandise around!
  • Our acclaimed news (Headlines available) and events in and around the TV Zone! We turn the world on with our smiles as we look at ABC’s one-off tv movie Mary and Rhoda, celebrating the return of the characters from The Mary Tyler Moore Show in this issue’s Primetime!
  • Memory Alpha answers more of your posed queries about Cult tv of the past and present. This issue sees us going Upstairs, Downstairs... and in her lady’s chamber: Jason King. Super!
  • In this month’s letters pages we've taken the entire building over to Spain to avoid arrest. Don't worry - your letters still got through Customs
  • Fantasy Flashback get out your powdered wigs and clever sandwich-box-like computers for the Blake’s 7 episode Gambit!

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