issue 124 ships from 15 Feb 2000 UK £2.99 / US $4.99 FEATURE NEWS REVIEWS

Look out Universe... LEXX is back!
• With Season Three now on-air (in the UK), we present an exclusive interview with creator-producer (and writer) Paul Donovan about what’s going down on Fire and Water, and why this season is bigger than the last…

The Strangerers
• They look like us, they don’t speak like us, and they certainly don’t dress like us! We talk to creator Rob Grant about his hopeless invaders (Mark Williams and Jack Docherty)

• Doyle, alias Glenn Quinn on his character - "He's the last person, or demon, for the job really" - night filming and trying to get the girl! "He's pretty much infatuated with Cordelia..."

Gabriel Macht and two OthersThe Others
• If there’s something spooky going down, call in the others! Star Gabriel Macht tells us about his empathic Doctor - "he feels such pain and sorrow" - as things go bump in the night!

• Responsible for some of the most lavish sets in the BBC’s history, we talk to designer Chris Hobbs about bringing Gormenghast to life

God, the Devil & Bob
• James Garner and Alan Cumming playing the Lord Almighty and his horned nemesis respectively? We had to check this one out...

Millennium Man
• Star Andrew Jackson talks about his work on this new and explosive Glen A Larson tv movie!

  • PLUS! • Our acclaimed round-up of news (Headlines available) and events in and around the TV Zone! Are you local? In Primetime, we travel to Royston Vasey for an audience with The League of Gentlemen
  • In this issue's reviews section, we present the most authoritative and up-to-date look at tv and related merchandise around! Includes the Season Three première of LEXX, Doctor Who and Gormenghast books, and a jaw-dropping Buffy, you lucky people!
  • Memory Alpha answers more of your posed queries about Cult tv of the past and present. This month: does the thought of how Jerry O’Connell got that scar on his lip keep you awake at night?
  • In this month’s letters pages … there's a body missing at TV Zone Towers
  • Fantasy Flashback your mission - should you decide to accept it - will be to recall this Mission: Impossible with the classic episode Encore

Pictures taken from this issue are copyright BBC Worldwide, Sky One, NBC, Sue Schneider / Moonglow Photos, Salter Street Films

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