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Life Force: it's, you know, too scary for kids• Cult tv updates - almost four pages of news on currently airing Cult tv shows including Trek, The X-Files, LEXX and Farscape
• Getting it wrong - how the Beeb misjudged the Gormenghast audience (review of producer's book here), and ITV get cold feet over Life Force
Doctor Who - on ditching Pertwee in favour of Genesis of the Daleks, plus Bonnie Langford’s return to the show!
Blake’s 7 Movie News - Paul Darrow on Avon’s waterloo
• Anderson goes CGI? People may have their wires crossed, but work on computer-generated characters seems to be going ahead!
Alternate relationships in Buffy explored

• Now Piloting
– what’s currently on the way or in development in the USA
• TV Focus – cult shows airing on a Baker's dozen of UK channels in March
• In the Shops – our merchandise round-up for March / April, with Cult tv books announced through to January 2001!
• Primetime visits Royston Vasey to meet The League of Gentlemen!

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