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TV Zone #123
Cleopatra, Jack and Emilia. No Diane, then

Jack and Cleo arrive – Cast, crew and stories for the premieres of Renaissance Pictures' post-Herc Action Hour series: Cleopatra 2025 and Jack of All Trades
Buffy networking at stake? Plus fansites targeted, and Joss Whedon on Buffy going silent...
Buffy unofficial guide reviewed here
• Superhero rejuvenation planned for Bruce Wayne
Sliders co-creator on big-screen plans
Channel 5 horrors, and Hammer House Of...set to return in UK Production
• Vince Gilligan on making X-COPS for The X-Files
• Glen Larson on rival plans for Battlestar Galactica

• US Focus
– greenlights, cancellations, and reschedulings: they're all here
• TV Focus – the key cult shows airing on over 15 UK channels in February
• In the Shops: our merchandise round-up for February / March, with videos and DVDs announced through to December!
• Primetime on Freaks and Geeks, NBC's troubled new dramedy set in a high school in 1980.

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