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TV Zone #122
Mai Li from ITV's Life Force
The future is wet in ITV's Life Force! After melting ice-caps, will telepathic children save the 21st-Century? We preview a major ITV science-fiction children's drama
• Yuletide Cult fare - a selection of seasonal US programming
• Spoiler quotes from Angel and Buffy people after the major November crossover
Buffy Season One box set reviewed here

• Details of the Doctor Who Night ratings, and Tom Baker on being masterful!
• Fox TV Chief on prospects for future X-Files

US Focus – varying fortunes of good-versus-evil themed tv
TV Focus – the key cult shows airing on over 15 UK channels in January
In the Shops: our merchandise round-up for January / February, with books announced through to September!
Primetime on The West Wing, NBC's hit series going behind-the-scenes at the White House, with Martin Sheen as President Bartlet

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