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TV Zone #121
Mark Gatiss is the Doctor!
Harsh Realm X-Tinct! After three episodes, a shock result for Chris Carter's new project. Read about this, and some more pleasing results in our main news story.
• For one night only - Doctor Who returns to our screens! Find out what went on during Who Night, and see some rather groovy photos: Visual Imagination author Mark Gatiss is the Doctor!
• Spoiler news on Angel as one of the cast members walks - or was it a push? Meanwhile Buffy is still being cut by the scissor-happy BBC... (Buffy Season Four première episode reviewed here)
• Details of the US Trek Night, and hints at Voyager’s come-coming!

US Focus – Melissa Joan Hart’s chastisement by Sabrina creator!
TV Focus – the key cult shows airing on over 15 UK channels in December
In the Shops: our merchandise round-up for December though to 2001!
Primetime on Once and Again, the bittersweet romantic comedy hit starring Sela Ward and Billy Campbell.

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