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• In an enormous 11-pages of LEXX-rated action, we revel in the naughtiness of one of the most original shows of the Nineties. Firstly, the super lovely Xenia Seeberg Xevs up and denies that she’s a sex symbol. Hands up all Cluster Lizards objecting to that! Plus, just for you, an episode guide to every story so far from The Dark Zone!

The Belfry Witches. Nice hats...Belfry Witches
• Banished from her island for a misfired practical joke, actress Laura Sadler tells about the mischief teenage witch Skirty Marm gets up to in this autumn's BBC fantasy series!

• We send our intrepid reporter on set for a day, and he ends up in the marshes. Typical. But he did bring us a top-ho account for the filming of Patterns of the Soul

The X-Files
• An interview with Chris Owens gives us the opportunity to wheel out as many ‘Big Spender’ jokes as possible, and chat to the amiable chap about his work on the show in many guises…

Marc Gomes as the detective who works with The CrowThe Crow
• Marc Gomes on tackling crime with a dead guy and his ever-faithful bird. "Albrecht is something of a sceptic... the type of person and police officer who just won't let things go" he says

Earth: Final Conflict
• Playing an evil resistance soldier is not about fighting for your ideals, but what colour your suit is, explains guest star Bobby Johnston

Journey to the Center of the Earth
• ...in this dramatic take on the classic Jules Verne story, coming to your tv soon!

  • PLUS! • Our acclaimed Cult television news pages with all the latest information on whether Doctor Who is coming back
  • The best reviews of Cult tv and merchandise around: online selections include Crusade on TV and Buffy's yearbook
  • Questions posed and answered in Memory Alpha
  • On the new and improved alien-free letters page, Balcor has been vanquished, and we’re free to get on and answer your missives! If we can find the postbag in all the post-party debris, that is…
  • Fantasy Flashback remembers David Vincent, a man on the run, and is having serious trouble with gas in this classic episode of The Invaders
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