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Xenia Seeberg - Slave to Love     Xev, the LEXX.... and Xenia as herself!
selected from TV Zone #119
The very enthusiastic star talks about her character Xev and putting the sex into LEXX.

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When the very-weird-by-royal-appointment Sci-Fi show LEXX managed to obtain a large enough following for a full season of 20 episodes to be commissioned, it was announced that one element of the show – love slave/Cluster Lizard pin-up Zev, played by Eva Habermann – would not be returning. Due to prior commitments, Habermann was unable to commit to a complete season, and in the second episode Terminal, Zev was reduced to a pile of goo, sacrificing her life to save the rest of the LEXX crew.

As luck would have it, the plant-woman Lyekka boarded the LEXX in the next episode, and managed to reform from that self-same goo a slightly different-looking woman calling herself Xev, now played by Xenia Seeberg. Looking rather different to her screen character (she’s got long blonde hair, for one), Seeberg was happy to tell TV Zone how she got involved in the wonder that is LEXX.

“First of all, I didn’t know that they had to replace anybody, but Paul Donovan, the inventor and writer, somehow got a tape of mine. I did a movie, a short movie with a young American director, and that had a similar sense of humour, a very dark and strange, wacky kind of humour, and he saw that tape... So he contacted me and said, ‘Well, Xenia, we’re doing this show here in Canada, d’you wanna have a look at it and tell me what you think about it...’

"I watched the first four movies, and thought, ‘Yeah, that’s actually pretty interesting.’ It was supposed to be a Science Fiction series, but I could tell right away that [LEXX is] not your usual Science Fiction series.”

Seeberg points out that she’s not a big Sci-Fi fan, although she does admit that “There’s always movies that I liked a lot, like the first Star Wars and Blade Runner. LEXX to me actually appears like a cross between Alien, Barbarella and Monty Python. What I could tell was that here was somebody with a very creative mind, who was just trying to break free from all those American standards that you find in other Sci-Fi series.”

Paul Spragg
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