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selected from TV Zone #117
Crusade sacks TNT (or vice versa?)
Crusade update – do the ratings for the first few episodes give any hope for more? jms on his vision for the series versus TNT's approach: what difference did it make? And what does jms say is "like someone handing you an inner tube and a tree branch"? Plus news of a long-delayed B5 computer game
Buffy's graduation rescheduled, Sarah Michelle Gellar on the chances of crossovers with Angel, and new deals for two Buffy producers
Hercules to be replaced by surprising adventures in the 18th and 26th centuries
• Details of episodes in production for Earth: Final Conflict, Sliders, and Star Trek: Voyager plus Rick Berman's latest indications on Trek's next voyages

The Ratings War shows which series have the best (and worst) average UK audiences for 1999 to date
US Focus – success for several TV Zone favourites at the Saturn awards
TV Focus – the key cult shows airing on over 15 UK channels in late July and August
In the Shops: our merchandise round-up for August and September, plus a video update for a whole year ahead
Primetime on Martial Law – the fast-paced comedy-action CBS hit that's being shot on Crusade's former production stages...

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