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selected from TV Zone #116
Buffy had hired the mortar and gown for nothing
Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Why she failed to complete Graduation, and new school year plans for the UK.
Voyager – lengthier tours of duty for Kate Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan?
Hercules star goes back to the future with Roddenberry's legacy
Gormenghast – "classic drama for the Millennium" from the BBC?
US Focus – our really handy compare-and-contrast rundown of all the cult mainstays and débutants in the networks' autumn schedules
TV Focus on the key cult shows across nearly 20 UK channels in late June and all of July
In the Shops: our merchandise round-up for July and August, with a video update including Bugs releases in the next century
Primetime: on Ally McBeal creator David E Kelley's other legal drama, Emmy award-winning The Practice

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