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selected from TV Zone #115
Star Trek: Voyager – Why it's being cut down to size, and possible arrivals from Deep Space Nine
• As a new IMAX opens, is London's MOMI closing down?
Blackadder Blackadder - time-traveller – He's back for the Millennium, but where...?
Crusade – The 'special limited series' in the universe of Babylon 5 is about to launch on TNT in the US
Blake's 7 – Is the series returning, and in what form...?
US Focus on more renewals and cancellations, plus new series hoping to succeed
TV Focus on the key cult shows on 20 UK channels in late May and through all of June
In the Shops: our merchandise round-up for June and July, with a special Star Trek and Doctor Who merchandise update through to the next century
Primetime: the stars move from NYPD Blue and M*A*S*H to the town of Providence on Rhode Island

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