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Temptation from an unlikely source


Odo meets Laas, one of “the hundred” shapeshifters who were, like him, sent into the galaxy to learn about other species.

A touching story that forces Odo to re-evaluate his life and his relationship with Kira. The female Changeling has always tried to persuade Odo to rejoin his race in The Great Link, but as they are at war with the Federation he has always refused. However, Laas wants to form a new Link, which Weyoun suggested to Odo earlier this season in Treachery, Faith and the Great River. So the temptation for Odo is entirely different and makes for a refreshing change.

Equally intriguing is Laas’s method of trying to get Odo to join him. Laas lived among solids and even had a mate but the fact he was different eventually drove him away, and he is certain this will also happen to Odo. He subtly manipulates everyone around Odo into revealing their distrust of shapeshifters by behaving like one. Quark later drives Laas’s point home to Odo by candidly telling him the only reason people accept him is because he never flaunts the fact he is different.

Odo’s uncertaintly regarding his future on DS9 eventually leads to a conflict with Kira. Not only does the couple debate whether or not Odo should leave with Laas, but they also argue over Odo’s very soul and this gives the moment far greater meaning.

Episode G14
First Aired: 13 February 1999
Reviewed by Steven Eramo

The climax is predictable but compelling thanks to Rene Auberjonois, Nana Visitor and JG Hertzler (Laas) and the closing scene between Odo and Kira is simply beautiful.



Unknown Soldier

When the lights came up on this one I have to admit that I was a little perturbed. The sight of a man in period military uniform tearing up a homeless man’s dwelling and spouting meaningful dialogue in commanding tones did nearly make me reach for the pause button. Good job I didn’t because it turned out to be the best episode of the season so far.

John Ray Fielding was a soldier that fought in France in 1917, he was in charge of delivering precious jewels and important battle information to his Commander. Unfortunately these items never made it; a thief took both items and with them the lives of 120 men. Fielding comes out of the woodwork to take his revenge on the people who have let the side down during his lengthy military career, and that involves the thief, who of course is Amanda.

What this episode does best is address the issues that the series has until now so conveniently ignored, namely why is Amanda’s character so different and what exactly changed her. The first signs of any remorse come when Amanda visits the grave of Nick’s ex-partner, thus making it clear that she feels responsible for her death. Then the revelation. Upon hearing that her moment of greed 82 years ago caused the deaths of so many Amanda confronts Lucy about her life – why has it changed and why can’t it be as it was?

Episode A8
First Aired: 16 November 1999
Reviewed by Grant Kempster

A thoughtful episode with (shock horror) a story about ethics and consequences. If only they could keep it up!

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