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selected from TV Zone #114
Harsh Realm production report: Chris Carter on the joys of his latest Vancouver-based fantasy series. Plus some plot details, despite tight script secrecy
Xena – Renaissance responds to the controversy over Hindu deities Futurama's agonising birth - or death?
• As Futurama premieres, Matt Groening talks about rewarding attentive viewers

Crusade – how TNT plan to launch it, and how jms used epic allegory to describe the show's crisis
• What UK channels unveiled for spring and summer '99

US Focus on the latest renewals and cancellations, plus the Saturn awards
TV Focus on the key cult shows on 20 UK channels in late April and May
In the Shops: our merchandise round-up for May and June, with a video update for the rest of 1999
Primetime: as a newly-launched US remake of The Love Boat cruises into view, series captain Robert Urich talks about his prolific career

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