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11 Feb '99
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Star Trek: Voyager
• Rumours are rife concerning Kate Mulgrew's possible departure from Star Trek: Voyager. In our six-page interview, she candidly discusses her future, the reasons why she wishes to return to the theatre, and the dramatic events in her love life. Plus, why she's so in love with the character of Janeway and where Voyager is taking her this year…

• Still on the good ship Voyager, Robert Picardo talks about the Doctor's evolution from cold functionary to, ahem, opera singer, his favourite episodes and also directing for the first time!

First WaveFirst Wave
• This new series sees Cade Foster fighting an alien invasion. Star Sebastian Spence talks about the show, and the hardships of having to work with such beautiful people everyday!

Mortal Kombat
• …And speaking of beauty, model Tracy Douglas introduces us to the latest incarnation of Mortal Kombat's franchise: Conquest, the tv show.

The Return of the Saint
• Cult tv veteran Ian Ogilvy recalls doning the sharp suit (and the halo!) for the role of dashing Simon Templar in this star interview!

• The brains of the triumvirate, Bumper Robinson proves that Marcus Ezekiel Miller is no computer geek, and tells of the team spirit on set...

HighlanderHighlander: Season 6
• The final chapter in our comprehensive season-by-season guide to Highlander: The Series sees Duncan put to the test. But, hey, who wants to live forever?

Earth: Final Conflict
• Actress Leni Parker, alias Taelon Da'an, on the changes a more action-based approach has brought to the show.

PLUS! • Our acclaimed Cult television news pages • Questions and answers on anything in Cult Television in Memory Alpha • There's a Chase Through Time in our Time Tunnel Fantasy Flashback! • Ten pages of the most up-to-date and informative reviews around!
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