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selected from TV Zone #112
Crusade – as TNT seems to loose interest is the show looking for a new tv station to broadcast it in the States?
Babylon 5 – There is life after death...
Doctor Who – William Hartnell episode recovered in New Zealand...

X-Files – to end in May 2000
Star Trek Deep Space Nine's end and Voyager update
ITC sale – Carlton buys the library that includes the classic Gerry Anderson shows

US Focus on the fall of Brimstone, the renewal of Earth Final Conflict, midseason shows hitting the screens and the rumours on the future of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

TV Focus on the key cult programmes on 15 channels in late February and early March.

Red Dwarf Update on the eighth season airing in the UK on 18th February 1999.

In the Shops: our merchandise round-up for March and April with a video update for May to Nov1999.

CastPrimetime: we report on the coming of age teen drama Dawson's Creek

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